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Hialeah Fest 2010 Day 1: Review

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on September 20th, 2010

I walked in Churchill’s on what we Cubans love to call “Cuban Time”, but the mentality of Cuban time for me probably means 15 minutes late when it comes to an event like this. The show was starting at 8PM, but apparently the show was also on “Cuban Time”. So I was sitting at the bar and taking pictures here and there on my shitty phone camera (which is not so shitty anymore and will never dare underestimate the phone camera ever again). This was my first public event to review for Antisteez and I have to admit it was actually a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of cool new faces.

The first thing I did was go to the area where I met Cristy Almeida and Ariel Almeida of the Art Collective Extravaganza. They are two people I actually know from High School. They were running an amazing Art Exhibit and when the rest of their crew showed up with a lot of the art work to put up, I recognized a lot of great stuff from my old friend from High School Christian Rodriguez. Anything that looks extremely wicked, twisted, and dark is more than likely and almost definitely by him. The Art Collective Extravaganza were very nice people. Sometimes threatening to steal my beer but also supporting Antisteez. Antisteez requires our pictures on our blog to be watermarked but…..


I really did lose conception of time because I was doing a lot of running back and forth talking to people like Charles Vazquez of Beau Monde Promotions which does a lot of events for local bands and such. I clearly do think that the bands did begin playing maybe 2-3 hours after the show, but again I wasn’t being much of a time keeper. Also, beer kind of makes time an illusion anyways.

The show finally started off with Joce which was the singer/songwriter/guitarist for Al’s Not Well performing a solo set with an acoustic guitar and her voice. She’s the shy girl in the dark holding up the Antisteez flyer and I’m sure you all know her. She performed a great set with beautiful melodies and grand guitar compositions.

Now the truth is I didn’t get to see many performances from start to finish. I purposely missed out on possibly two performances because of the fact that they would be performing the following day as well and my other reason was to continue documenting the rest of the event and talking to the bands to get interviewed in the future with Antsiteez. Some bands really didn’t even get the chance to see me after their performance but I’m sure some way or another we’ll get in touch for it.

Phineas J. Whoopie was one of the bands I was able to pay attention to throughout their performance. As good as I can be categorizing music I have to say the band had a specific genre to their music and when I tried to put a sub category, all I can say is, “Fuck it they’re just rock n roll!”. They were just plain old kicking ass and they aren’t afraid to say it themselves.

Next on the list, Riot Agents. Riot Agents is exactly what it sounds like. Punk fucking rock. As I very much admit I’m not a fan of a lot of punk rock I liked the fact that there was a band out there these days with a pair of balls. Riot Agents played so hard a fight broke out. Fast paced upbeat riffs and pure chaos. What else do expect from punk rock? While punk rock may seem like careless chaos though, came a lot of respect and ranting from the members because of the fight that broke out. Not too get too into detail because I’d like to focus more on the positive aspects of the show, but the fight started with one guy in a mosh pitt being too rough with the girls which doesn’t fly with anyone and definitely not the Riot Agents. The staff handled the situation and it was rectified to the point as if it never happened.

Urban Rebel is one of the other bands that really caught my attention. One of the important things in a music sales pitch is comparing yourself to a big name or two. If I had to compare these guys to a big name band I would have to say, Rage Against The Machine. Screaming vocals and an aggressive performance with a bad ass female drummer, outstanding guitars and a very technical and skilled bassist. The performance was out of hand along with mics being throw on the floor and the vocalist interacting with the audience by performing parts of the song with the crowd.

Music is A Weapon is getting legends from Hialeah band Erotic Exotic/Liquid Sun/Al’s Not Well/Al Is Well/All Is Well/10Sheen and with some adjustments and regrouping became Music Is A Weapon. Combining energetic smashing punk rock with electro, live drums with programmed drums and an undeniably great arrangement of instruments. I was totally impressed with their performance and knowing Kala personally through my uncle (which were great friends while I was still a kid in Middle School hearing about Al’s Not Well through my classmate, Jocelyn’s sister). The performance was amazing at every angle and they are very cool people at that.

During the show I also bumped into people from bands that weren’t performing that night. Examples being Douglas and David from Dolly’s Lobotomy and Victor Vega from Mind You. Although, I was there mainly to work it was refreshing having a beer break with these guys.
It’s great to see people from other bands go to support others. An event so big in what most consider something small probably put a massive plus on the whole event when it came to the support alone.

On Day One, I wasn’t able to get too in depth with Humbert and Jerika’s Fix because I knew they were going to performance the next day and I was walking around taking pictures and talking to a lot of bands outside. On day 2 though I do get a lot more in depth with them. I would like to personally thank all the bands for representing the Antisteez.

Overall, a great night and got to meet a lot of people. Everyone that participated on representing Anisteez and taking pictures with us and all that. I would like to thank you for cooperating with me. I’m happy to see people still wanting to do their music thing and appreciating all that come through for them.

Please stay tuned for Day 2 of Hialeah Fest 2010 Tomorrow.

Also I would like to give major props to Teajay for taking more awesome pictures for the event. Her Hialeah Fest 2010 Day 1 album can be found here

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