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Low Visibility at Idle Hands this Saturday [7/30]!!

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on July 28th, 2011

If you poke around on Antisteez enough, you’ll notice that there are a couple of bands on here that some of the writers seem to gush about. We each have a handful of artists that we feel are really bringing the right flavor to Miami and are doing things their own way. I’m definitely guilty of it and one of those bands for me is Low Visibility, a tight-knit unit of some dudes from Hialeah that just play great rock n’ roll. They aren’t in it for the popularity contest, they aren’t in it just so that they can dress like albino goblins on the weekend (and hey, no offense if your band dresses like albino goblins, it’s just not their thing) and they aren’t in it to make a difference in the way you feel or what your political stance is; they (very much like Twisted Sister did decades ago) just “WANNA ROCK“. Now don’t get me wrong, these guys don’t sound like Twisted Sister, it’s just that undeniable urge to rock that they both share.

Low Visibility at Idle Hands this Saturday [7/30]!! music events  low visibility flyer final yellow 2 650x812

If you like what you’re reading so far then I must assume that you are either a Twisted Sister fan or someone who is familiar with the musical stylings of Low Visibility. If not, I suggest checking out my interview with them a couple of months ago right here. If you slept on that interview and you are now realizing what you have been missing, have no fear, the guys will be playing at this month’s Idle Hands, taking place this Saturday (7/30). Idle Hands is a monthly party at Vlada Lounge focusing on all things rock, er, I mean ROCK! In addition to Low Visibility, you can hear some great tunes brought to you by resident DJ Nayra and this month’s guest DJ, the 305 favorite…Chris Halo!! This is gonna be a great Saturday night, the drinks are cheap and that usually spells PARTY (or BLACKOUT, or PUKE, don’t make it difficult, just pick one) so you know it’s gonna be well worth the measly $5 cover!! Don’t sleep on it, come out, get drunk and party like David Lee Roth in a leotard!!

RSVP on Facebook HERE

Vlada Lounge

3215 NE 2ND Ave

Miami, 33137

Doors at 10

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