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Manuvers & Yarlen “The Drive Home” EP

Category: Mixtapes|Music   Posted by:   on June 6th, 2012

Earlier, I went on Twitter just to state that this EP is the reason I’ve done something I don’t usually do:
Free up space on my iPod so something new can be on rotation.

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One of Miami’s most-respected DJs/Producers/Crate Diggers/Chocolate Sunday’ers (Because if you’re a weekly Chocolate Sundays attender, you’ll know that the word “DJ” is an understatement for these monsters.), Mr. Manuevers, has joined musical forces with Yarlen, one of the motherfucking HOTTEST female producers in Miami who has been designing tunes for a little over a decade. And by the hottest, we mean both musically and physically.  (And not to brag or anything, but she also does dope make-up work on our monthly calendar models for Antisteez .)

Manuvers & Yarlen “The Drive Home EP music mixtapes  ManuversYarlen final
The project was released yesterday through Discos Pegaos, which is a Net label based out of Santiago de Chile. It has created great buzz all over the Net and Twitterverse, so now I’m hooking you up in case you guys missed out on this great collab.

Here’s one of the tracks off of the EP, featuring Akin from Cyne.

If you enjoyed that, check below for the link to the Discos Pegaos’ post where you can download the entire EP for free.

Did I forget to mention that you should know the guest MCs on this project very well? You should. They are local rhyme-slayer J. NiCS and Jay Jo Hero from Ketchy Shubby.


DOWNLOAD: Manuvers & Yarlen “The Drive Home” EP

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