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Miami Music Mafia launches tonight, 6.7.12, at The Stage!

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on June 7th, 2012

I’m sure you’ve been seeing a lot of people on Facebook with an red “M” logo as their default picture these days. If you’re wondering what it means, wonder no more. The answer is here!

The M is the logo for the The Miami Music Mafia (MMM), a new partnering of the 305’s most promising musical talent who will be performing exclusively at The Stage every Thursday night. starting June 7th, 2012.

Yes, today.

And who is lined up to represent MMM tonight at The Stage? Bands Derevo, Day Music Died, and Urban Rebel, that’s who. Tonight is your chance to see what all the hype is all about. At future shows you’ll see a rotation of different Miami Music Mafia bands including Halfway to Moksha and Falseta.

The bands included in the Miami Music Mafia were chosen by Emmanuel Sanchez (Flower Blade Records & Miami Music Mafia CEO) based on multiple attributes and not just musical talent. Sanchez said he considered how well the bands presented themselves as a product and their drive to succeed, too.

The following is a press release from MMM and Sanchez declaring their intentions and letting us know what we should expect from the burgeoning team:

A New Company Called Miami Music Mafia Takes Control of a Struggling Music Scene.

The long-awaited company from music business entrepreneur, Emmanuel Sanchez, called Miami Music Mafia has launched its initial campaign. For months there was much talk and curiosity as to what exactly Emmanuel was planning and what kind of role it would play in Miami’s struggling local rock and live music scene. After its launch just a few weeks ago, we’ve seen a bit of this new business plan through its initial online marketing campaign.

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The company’s red “M” logo is spreading throughout social networks as bands and music fans alike change their profile pictures to the logo in support of the movement. And now the “Mafia” has taken over Thursday nights at Miami’s best live music venue, The Stage. But what does the company do exactly? All the information released to the media has stated that it is an artist development company. The bands on the Miami Music Mafia roster have been questioned about the company and all have been reluctant to share information about The Mafia and its strategies.

While the press release is vague, the point is clear…MMM is here and plans to inject life back into the “struggling” local rock scene each and every Thursday at The Stage. We suggest you check it out tonight if you want to get more of a feel about what MMM is all about.

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