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[Pictures] Doorly + Kill The Noise | 7.14.12

Category: Events|Music   Posted by:   on July 17th, 2012

When a line wraps around the venue in downtown Miami or anywhere for that matter… in the pouring rain its a good omen. Granted the crowd was thick with glow stick halos and vacant stares, but all in all the room was a slew of party. When you get a group this hungry for a bassline drop, the safest thing to do is to give in to their demands. As Doorly buttered up the crowd it was becoming clear that the musky-after rain-crowd mixed with desperate dancing could only lead to one thing… a sauna of whomp whomp whomp. Doorly’s masterful fingers were pushing buttons, mixing and taking no prisoners.

By the time Kill the Noise hit the stage all of Grand Central was a mass of jumping, screaming, tongue wrestling, fist pumping and unadulterated madness. Considering it was a dubstep show Kill the Noise brought some versatility to his performance by blending genres and of course, teasing drops left and right. Clearly, if he wanted to kill the noise- it was thoroughly killed. After an hour it seemed that all the good oxygen in the room was taken, but the bass had ignited zombies. From the couch jumpers to those who braved the dance floor there wasn’t a dry shirt in the building, although we’re sure nothing compared to the sweat-box that was theĀ Andy C Blackout of 2011.


Photos by Harold D. Ruiz | click for gallery

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