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[Podcast]: DJ Guilletine presents Large Professor

Category: Podcast   Posted by:   on June 5th, 2012

[Podcast]: DJ Guilletine presents Large Professor podcast  Large Professor Banner

Let’s all go ahead an give a quick round of applause to the genius that is Large Professor. The Mad Scientist. The reason NAS exists… Ok… Not necessarily the reason he “exists” but definitely the one that discovered NAS. Close enough, no?

One of the dopest producers on a mic and… one of the dopest producers in general. This mix is solely intended to remind you of how great Hiphop is. Well… and to shake your ass while you work. Obviously.

Enjoy and Re-share!!

DOWNLOAD LINK: 060512: The Large Professor Podcast Mixed by DJ Guilletine (Right Click + Save As…)

01. Nas – You’re Da Man
02. Large Professor – Secret Agent
03. Large Professor – Shotz Fired
04. Large Professor – Head Spin
05. Large Professor – The Hardest (ft. Styles P & AZ)
06. Large Professor – Oh Winz
07. Large Professor – Having Fun
08. Large Professor – Pun Tres Leches
09. Large Professor – Sewin Love
10. Large Professor – Classic Emergency
11. Large Professor – Hardcore Hip Hop
12. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor – Main Event
13. Large Professor – Open
14. Large Professor – One Plus One (ft. Nas)
15. Large Professor – NY At Night
16. Busta Rhymes – The Heist
17. Large Professor – The LP
18. Nas – Halftime
19. Large Professor – Tribe Called Quest
20. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor – Guess Who
21. Large Professor – Maica Living
22. Large Professor – Funky 2 Listen 2
23. Large Professor – I Juswanna Chill
24. Large Professor – Slickmoney
25. Mobb Deep – Peer Pressure (Large Professor Remix)
26. Large Professor – Dancin’ Girl
27. Large Professor – Ultimate
28. Neek The Exotic & Large Professor – Still On The Hustle
29. Pete Rock & Large Professor – The Rap World
30. Torae – Do The Math

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