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[Podcast] Guilletine presents Black Milk

Category: Podcast   Posted by:   on January 25th, 2011

[Podcast] Guilletine presents Black Milk podcast  black milk banner

Rewind to 2004. I’m sitting there listening to Detroit Deli. An album that had just been released By Slum Village. Whole album is insane, as always and then it happens… the last track, Reunion, comes on. The amount of “WOWs” that have come out of my mouth while I listened to that whole track, was overwhelming. It’s overwhelming every time I listen to the track. The story behind that track is insane, but also not what we’re talking about. What I’m focusing on at the moment is the beat. The drums, the way those samples are sped up and cut off of John Abercrombie’s – “Timeless”, killed me.

Needless to say, I quickly did some research and found our subject at hand. Mr. Black Milk. Part of a crew named B.R. Gunna, with another sick producer, Young R.J., which at the moment I have a personal hate against but that’s also not what we’re talking about, and Fat Ray which is a VERY talented MC. I later find out that Black Milk is also an MC and a very serious one at that.

With all that crap said, Guilletine and I went ahead and chose the best of the best Black Milk produced tracks, and he put them together for everyone, to show off the talent to an under-rated producer/MC that everyone should know bout. Detroit Does it BIG!!!

DOWNLOAD LINK: 012511: The Black Milk Podcast Mixed by Guilletine (Right Click + Save As…)

01. GZA – 7 Pounds
02. Black Milk – Tell ‘Em (ft. NameTag)
03. Slum Village – EZ Up
04. Black Milk – U (ft. Ty & Kory)
05. Black Milk – Look At us Now (ft.Phat Kat)
06. Black Milk – Not U
07. Elzhi – Motown 25 (ft. Royce Da 5’9)
08. Black Milk – Home Of The Greats
09. Black Milk – Long Story Short
10. Black Milk – Get Focus (ft. Phat Kat & Elzhi)
11. Name Tag – Another Other
12. Black Milk – Black and Brown (ft. Danny Brown)
13. Elzhi – Guessing Game
14. Black Milk – Shut It Down
15. Slum Village – Multiply
16. Black Milk – Closed Chapter (ft. Mr. Porter)
17. Slum Village – Reunion (ft. J Dilla)
18. Black Milk – One Song
19. Black Milk – Oh Girl (ft. AB)
20. Black Milk – Action (ft. Slum Village)
21. Elzhi – Fire (ft. Black Milk)
22. Black Milk – Sound The Alarm (ft. Guilty Simpson)
23. 14kt – Black and Gold
24. Black Milk – Bond 4 Life (ft. Melanie Rutherford)
25. Black Milk – Hear This
26. Black Milk – 365
27. Black Milk – Deadly medley (feat. Royce Da 5’9 & Elzhi)

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