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[Podcast] Guilletine presents The J. Cole Podcast

Category: Podcast   Posted by:   on March 29th, 2011

[Podcast] Guilletine presents The J. Cole Podcast podcast  J Cole Banner

J Cole was brought to my attention back in ’08 by a homey of mine that mentioned that some new cat had flipped the Dead Presidents beat. Now… I won’t lie. As soon as I heard this I laughed and thought that it was ridiculous for a young MC to touch such a classic song. Especially anything off of Reasonable Doubt. I think VERY highly of that album. So given, I download the mixtape and gave him a shot. Needless to say, J. Cole was definitely not the new jack MC that was just trying to flip an instrumental. This 21 year old kid, which was just 11 when Reasonable Doubt was released, made this a serious project to which he knew heads would turn to.

Three years and a second part to his Dead Presidents freestyle later, J Cole is now signed to Roc Nation (Jay-Z and Live Nations newly founded record label) and is turning heads on a higher level than he ever thought he would be at. Make sure you pay close attention to his wordplay and flow. Over any type of beat. Ripping every line on every verse you hear.


DOWNLOAD LINK:�032911: The J. Cole Podcast Mixed by Guilletine (Right Click + Save As…)

01. Before Im Gone
02. You Got It (ft. Wale)
03. Who Dat
04. Get Away
05. The Badness (ft. Omen)
06. Enchanted
07. Serenade
08. Last Call
09. Welcome
10. Good Game
11. The Plan
12. I Get Up
13. Hold It Down
14. Purple Rain
15. Cost Me A lot
16. Love Me Not
17. The Last Stretch
18. Dead Presidents (Thank You Lou rmx)
19. Dead Presidents II (Thank You Lou rmx)
20. Lights Please
21. World Is Empty
22. Best Friend (ft. Aaliyah)
23. Too Deep For The Intro
24. In The Morning (Drake-less rmx)
25. Farewell

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