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Top 5 Musician’s Pick of 2011 with Jota Dazza (Radioboxer)

Category: Music   Posted by:   on December 9th, 2011

I’m sure you all remember in the summer I’ve did a series called the Top 5 Halftime Jams of 2011 where Miami musicians shared with us the top 5 jams they’ve been jamming to (hence the name). Right now I’m bringing you the finale of the year of 2011 with some additional Top 5s from them not related to what they’e listening to. Just a mere reflection of the year and what they’re looking forward to for the next year. Yeah keep in mind that whatever Miami musicians mention in 2012 in this post, you heard it here first!

Here we have the charming, funny, guitarist, bassist and dictator of the band Radioboxer which had probably the best CD Release Party of all 2011. Jota Dazza has way too many compliments written about him in several other posts on Antisteez that if I add anymore, our servers will just fail and the domain name will change to JotaDazzaRulesAllYourFaces.com and will feature everything about him in a viewpoint of a crazed fan code named ALF including pictures on the home page of Jota Dazza wearing speedos.So we don’t want that now do we? (or do we?), so we’ll just cut to the chase, but before we do make sure to check out Radioboxer  TONIGHT with  Jacobs Ladder & Arboles Libres. It’s rumored to be a great show…. I believe it!


Top 5 Musicians Pick of 2011 with Jota Dazza (Radioboxer)  music  jotadazza 300x400

Top 5 Jams for 2011


1. Perfect Space by The Avett Brothers

I’m a huge fan of these southern gentlemen. their songs are beautifully written and honest they really get that country feeling of writing but in a more universal and stylized way. This song in particular has been one of the themes of 2011 for me. The year has been kind of a bitch and forced me to struggle to find a new place or at least a new perspective so at the end the question is how to keep being yourself while moving forward. This is easier said than done because often times these two things seem to collide but if there is a will there is a way. or at least i like to believe so.


2. El Diablo De Tu Corazon by Fito Paez

 This is an oldie and nothing special about it in terms of music. But it is a good reminder of not letting anger take the wheel. Plus I think Fito Paez is probably the greatest composer when it come to Spanish lyrics. I don’t have any proof of this since it is impossible so if I have to defend this position i guess my argument would be: “Fuck You” and then i’ll walk away.


3. Midnight Radio by Hedwig and The Angry Inch

I just saw this movie this year so the song it’s kind of new to me. It is a great song, I love when the tunes in musicals transcend the plot at they become simply songs. This song, I believe, is a great “everything will be ok” kind of song. I like those.


4. If It’s The Beaches by The Avett Brothers

Again I have to get some Avett Brothers on this. The instrumentation is just perfect, lyrics are so simple that you can’t help to feel words come from a friend. The song is about regrets which we all have and unconditional love which is the only way to really love. This song has even a deeper meaning of sacrifice to me because I’m not the biggest fan of beaches in general. I don’t tan well.


5. The Gardener by The Tallest Man On Earth

I know i’m kind of folksy this year but… well i like folk i guess. This guy i stumble upon on one of my YouTube music binges and i loved him instantly. His voice is strange and raspy but not in a Tom Waits kind of way. In fact all the contrary, the character on his voice is on the light side and somewhat cozy. This is song is great and again is about doing what it takes for something or someone you love. It has a delightful morbid sense of humor but not morbid enough to over power the poetic meaning. As a side note it is kind of false advertisement since he is really not the TALLEST man on earth. Yes, I checked. The tallest man is from China and this dude is from Sweden or some other cold snowy part of the word like that.


This year in music compared to others

To be honest i was not very aware of what was out there in 2011. I’m glad Arcade Fire won a Grammy but other than that i don’t see any deviation from the state or trend in music from the last couple of years. I guess in that sense it was not a very good year. At least i didn’t hear anything new that got me exited. I did enjoy the fact that more artist seemed to come by South Florida and that some local bands open for them. I hope that trend continues and intensifies.

Top 5 Best Things about 2011

1. My wife still love me (and i love her too) and my friends and family can stand me.
2. My band had a good year in terms of growth, it’s nice to see the hard work paying off.
3. I bought a Banjo and some sweet guitar pedals.
4. It was without a doubt a year of change. Not sure if this is bad or good but i guess it has to happen. I think generally speaking 2011 was a tough year for most of the people i know.
5. It’s almost over and we are still here. I learned to be very thankful about that.

Top 5 on Your Wishlist for The Fat Man with The White Beard

If you could have anything for Christmas

Get some paper pen fat boy because you can find all of these on eBay:

1. Electro-Harmonix POG2 Pedal / Digi-Delay (Boss dd3) Pedal / Orange TH30 amp / any good vibrato pedal
2. Actual size top of the line Storm Trooper costume
3. Any compact car that runs with little gas
4. A Roadie
5. A signed naked picture of Damian Cee on a white horse. (DONE! Note: Check your inbox Jota!)

Things You’re Looking forward to in 2012

ANY FUCKING THING. Really, i just want 2012 to get here. That will make me happy.

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