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[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012]: Candace Meyer | FEBRUARY

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Born in Manhattan, raised everywhere, Candace Meyer prides herself in the uniqueness of her entity.

Raised by Broadway star Wanda Richert, coupled with her father’s influence in videography and production, she really didn’t know any life other than that of an artist’s.

At age 14, she dove into hip hop and started writing rhymes paired with soulful melodies. By the time that 2006 Ultra Music Festival rolled around, she realized that there was more to her music than heavy, dark booms and baps. Whether exploring Electro, Hip Hop, Dubstep, House, Drum and Bass, Candace wanted to do her part to bring music to life.

“Too many artists get discouraged and stop gripping down on their dreams. Or they let complications become a scapegoat to justify a stagnant progress. If you’re going to talk, do it while you’re walking. I had to start all over – more than once – but I couldn’t and wouldn’t let that keep me from moving forward! It’s a new chapter every moment!” Candace told us.

Candace threw herself into her music with gusto. Along the way she dabbled in music production and modeling. Her goal was to weave all her creative experiences into her music. She carried that same effort into creating Grey Area, a gallery she launched during Art Basel 2011.

“I want people to know that I see art in everything and that I live life based on that principle.” said Candace. “What I do with Grey Area is an extension of that, to share with whoever would like to be a part of it. Our mission statement says, ‘Our passion is to be a ‘playhouse’; a place people can go to experience a feeling of freedom and a sense of comfort to both peruse and express themselves with many different forms of ART, via painting, music, dance, film, fashion, design, sculpture, experimentalism, etc.’ But the whole reason why I did any of this in the first place was because I wanted to weave it with my music career.”

For Candace’s calendar photoshoot, we wanted to create photos that showed off her creativity and her  love for art. The Valentine’s Day concept we came up with was, I’ll Rip Your Fucking Heart Out, a series of photos that showed the different stages of love, from the first sparks of romance to the heart-wrenching moment of heartbreak.

Candace showed up at the shoot armed with an arsenal of vintage clothing compliments of her mother Wanda, a former belle of the stage. Styled by yours truly along with our resident makeup artist, Yarlen, we created looks for Candace that were a bit ingenue, temptress and heart-breaker.

And then there was that bloody beef heart. lol

When Candace came on set, we had an organic beef heart sitting in ice for the shoot. While some would flinch at the idea of holding on to a bloody animal heart during a photoshoot, (Candace avoids meat in her regular diet, opting to eat fish.) Candace’s initial reaction was to say,

That’s awesome. Do you want me to bite into it and chew it? I will totally put it in my mouth if you need me to.

That’s what she said…literally.

Beautiful and talented, Candace Meyer is one of the bright Miami lights that needs to shine. We are pleased to let her shine here.

You can catch up with Candace at Grey Area and check out her music at her site, listed below.

twitter:  @candacemeyer  

[Antisteez Desktop Calendar 2012]: Candace Meyer | FEBRUARY news instyle calendars  candacefeb small

Enjoy the photos from our shoot and download the free desktop calendar by clicking the link for your screen resolution below. If you do not know your screen resolution click here.

Download the Antisteez February 2012 Desktop Calendar:


Photos by: Greg Gibbs

Makeup by: Yarlen

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