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[Antisteez Special]: WYNWOOD vs. WAL-MART!

Category: InStyle|News   Posted by:   on July 20th, 2012

[Antisteez Special]: WYNWOOD vs. WAL MART! news instyle  Evil Wal MartFew are the places that remain untouched by conglomerates.  In the current economy we live in, rare are the areas where private small businesses have been able to thrive.  Even more extraordinary, are the places where urban, independent art is proudly displayed on the walls, streets and signs of city streets.

Wynwood is one of these sacred places that encompasses all three.

A beautiful inner-city Wonderland where impressionism, animated and graffiti styles of art peacefully coexist. Stroll through the Wynwood blocks and indulge all your senses: grab a bite at Lost & Found Saloon, sip on a cappuccino from Panther Coffee before rounding your night off at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar.

Walk through the blocks and gaze at the murals great artists have bestowed on the city, but the real magic lies in the intangible aura Wynwood gives off to the many who visit it for inspiration. It oozes an ethereal vibe that is as inexplicable as it is precious. Only the truly unique can achieve this effect; and in the great, ever-expanding metropolis that is MiamiWynwood truly is one of a kind.

Now imagine a 160,000-square-foot Wal-Mart right smack in the middle of all this creativity?  That is the task at hand that Antisteez along with you are about to embark on: Prevent a Wal-Mart from corrupting the presence and economy of the Miami Midtown/Wynwood Area.  The behemoth retailer will be detrimental in the diversity and economic health of the local, private businesses in the area.

Mortgage broker and realty consultant Grant Stern is passionately opposed to a Midtown Wal-Mart. Currently spearheading the petition against the chain on Change.org he says:

Wal-Mart, the standard bearer of international corporate power and conformity, just doesn’t fit the image that so many have worked to create for Midtown and the Wynwood Arts District, and placing the world’s largest discount retailer in the city’s hub of arts and culture just doesn’t make sense.”

We agree. The construction of the big retailer will open the doors to other chains competing with Wal-Mart, which will create a devastating economic domino effect to the local surrounding businesses who survive by reputation and word-of-mouth advertising. Antisteez is currently jumping on-board and supporting the many who are opposing the super store in this beloved Miami area by urging all eyes who see this to pass it on and post on all your social media sites, but most importantly, SIGN THE PETITION that adds one more name – one more voice – to the Wynwood preservation cause.

There are many places for a Wal-Mart … Wynwood just isn’t one of them.

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