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[Antisteez Top 5]: Best Restaurants

Category: Random|Reviews   Posted by:   on September 30th, 2012

The best yum-yums for your tum-tum. A cute, quick list of the best places to stuff your face, at any time of the day/night. Compiled with the help of the Miami New Times and my pal Goobs.

Coming in at numero cinco is Kon Chau:

It’s Miami New Times Blogger Zachary Fagenso’s favorite place to grab some dim-sum for din-din, so we’re spreading his recommdation to you!  According to Zachary:

Kon Chau is a prime example of a hole in the wall. It looks like it was designed in 1988, when nearby homes in Souwesera doubled as stash houses for drug gangs, and hasn’t changed since. “

A quaint, casual, no-airs Chinese restaurant perfect for authentic eats. The most expensive plate on the menu is under 15 bucks, and you get your Lo Mein craving satisfied while keeping your wallet chunky. Done and done.

You can find this number 5 pick at 8376 SW 40 Street, Miami, 33155.

Number fo’ is Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria:

Whoa, whoa. You mean to tell me I can grab some some cafe-con-leche to go with my media noche WHILE I wash my fajas?! Where the hell have I been?! Mary’s Coin Laundry and Cafeteria is the spot when you can’t decide what to do first: Grab some food or wash your draws.  Good cheap eats and memorable, old-fashioned Cuban characters that remind you of your abuelo when drinks too much will set you back 2 to 10 bucks depending on what you’re ordering [not including your laundry, dude ... now you're just pushing it.]

You can find this little number four gem at 2542 SW 27 Avenue, Miami, 33156.

Coming in at number 3 is fine American cuisine only found at The Lost & Found Saloon:
[You see what I did here? I played with the words. Word.]

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Yambo’s cock.

Great American food available for dine-in, carry out or delivery leaves you with little excuse not to check them out.  Their breakfast menu is good enough to get me outta bed before noon, and their POW WOW Peace Deals includes a Tofu sampler that will leave you feeling all healthy and zen and stuff.

Funny little detail coming in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … The bathroom doors slide open, so get your friend buzzed, walk her to the bathroom, then crack up when she gets stuck. Sorry Gema!

This number 3 pick can be found [See? I did it again] at 185 NW 36 Street, Miami, 33127.

When you get out of the club on Saturday morning don’t go to Taco Bell, go to Yambo.
Why? Cause it’s our number 2 pick:

Latin American Soul Food is what you’ll find here and the entrees are 8 to 15 bucks.  Most highly-rated dishes are their taquitos and carne asada on gallo pinto rice. For non-Spanish speakers that literally translates to: “Delicious grub that hits the spot oh-so-right.”

Yambo is located at 1643 SW 1 Street, Miami, 33135.

Aw. Our time is coming to a close. I had fun, let’s do this again real soon, but before I depart I leave you with the number one pick: Gigi.

Gigi takes our list and flips it on its ass!  Nestled in lovely Wynwood, it’s moderately priced considering a poached egg brunch will set you back 8 bucks. Its Asian fusion cuisine is enticing – serving a curious plate of octopus with mojo, smoked fingerling and pickled sofrito combines things I’ve never heard of before and pours it on top of Ursula’s cousin for a very “Miami” dish.

Visit this number one pick and decide for yourselves here: 3470 N. Miami Avenue, Miami, 33127.

Now who wants to treat me to dinner?

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