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Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library Need Your Help To Keep The Goods Stocked

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Every year the public libraries face more and more budget cuts. Which means for readers like us, fewer new books are purchased, important programs to keep our kids reading are cut and advocacy programs for adult literacy receive less funding. The library system needs all the help they can get and none more-so than our very own. With so much strife and turmoil taking place within Miami-Dade county government it’s almost impossible for anyone to find the time to give a damn about our libraries – so ‘Steezers it’s up to us.

There are a ton of amazing causes in this city to give your money to and that’s why the Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library are only asking for $10. In its second year, their 10×10 program seeks to raise $100,000 by getting 10,000 Miami-Dade residents to donate $10 each to the campaign. A campaign, might I add that will fund some amazing and important programs.


Friends of the Miami Dade Public Library Need Your Help To Keep The Goods Stocked random news nerdism  10 by 10

“The 10 x 10 Challenge funds all Library programs including Summer Reading initiatives, Reading Ready: an amazing tri-lingual program designed by the library to help children learn to read, Storytelling Camps: where Children and Parents learn the art of storytelling and practice with a professional and the Art of Storytelling Festival: a massive festival day every year in April where children pour into the Main Library from all over the county for a day of fun activities and Storytelling on the library’s dime.” said Nicole Chipi, Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library

“The library also funds lesser known programs that I am really proud of like Talking Books: a program that lends full-length unabridged books on cassette along with a player or Braille books to the sight-impaired in our community. We also fund Connections, a program which delivers books to the homebound. What I consider the most amazing program that the Friends of the Library funds is Project LEAD. Project LEAD is a program that advocates Literacy for Every Adult in Dade county. This program offers confidential and private tutoring sessions with a personal mentor that helps adults learn to read. “

All they ask for to keep these programs running is to support the 10×10 Challenge.
Going on June 1 – October 10 you can make your donations by going to their Website


Friends of the Miami Dade Public Library Need Your Help To Keep The Goods Stocked random news nerdism  logo header new

By Mail
Send a check to:
Friends of the Miami-Dade Public Library
101 W Flagler St
Miami, FL 33130

By Phone
Call the Friends at (305) 375-4776.

Let’s show how much love and support the Antisteez family can give by making your donation, helping spread the word and becoming a Friend of the Miami-Dade Public Library.

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