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Guiri Reyes: Places to See, Curbs to Grind & Pictures to Take

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Guiri Reyes: Places to See, Curbs to Grind & Pictures to Take sports  bs nose slide gap santa barbara CA 300x449


When an 11 year old tells his parents he wants to grow up and be a rock star they hope he grows out of it and chooses Veterinary School instead. For Guiri Reyes, who had admired skateboarding since he was 7, the quest for becoming a professional skater was no passing phase. Growing up in Brasil, skating proved to be anything but passing, the sport snowballed into a phenomenon which produced many talented skaters. Guiri’s parents were extremely supportive of their son’s dream and encouraged him to explore it further, so at the tender age of 20 he left his hometown of Santa Catarina to discover another tourist beach- Miami. He traveled there with his sister who would be furthering her education while he “expanded his horizons” in the US.

Having traveled across Brasil and Argentina skating Guiri wanted to discover what the US offered on that front. He lost no time meeting and become a part of the South Florida skate community, while never forgetting where he left his heart. The siblings spent a lot of their time “home” in Brasil and living in Miami part time. The search for the next big thrill, however, led Guiri to spend six months in California checking out the skate scene and meeting up with friends he’d made while skating in Brasil. “I’m always open for opportunities” he says. He’s currently planning a trip to Barcelona and possibly Madrid as result of contacts he’s made.

Guiri Reyes: Places to See, Curbs to Grind & Pictures to Take sports  Flavio skate brazil 300x200Guiri’s interests aren’t limited to the four wheels of a skateboard. He found a hidden talent behind the lens of a camera; a hobby which quickly integrated into his everyday life. From the time he got his first camera at 14 years old he easily adapted to the developing technology and always wanted the latest gadget. This is where his dad taught him a valuable lesson, if he was going to be serious about photography he needed to buy his own gear. With cameras offering video options the skating photographer found a love for creating videos of his adventures. Skateboarding, photography and video making are art to Guiri. For him photography shows skating from a different point. And as he mastered cameras his dad encouraged him to take computer and web design classes, which taught him to be comfortable around computers.

Skating and photography are one in the same to the 22 year old who has had photos published in some of Brasil most prestigious sports magazines. He brings his photographer’s eye to his skating, a new place to skate isn’t just a “cool curb” Guiri sees the lighting of the street and the frame of the shot. He understands the logics of the tricks and how the angles will create the perfect picture.

His photography Guiri Reyes: Places to See, Curbs to Grind & Pictures to Take sports  fashion1 300x449reaches beyond skating at times, “I like pictures so much, I want to do every kind of picture” he explains. While working in Miami it was inevitable he’d meet a fashion photographer. This gave him the opportunity to assist the photographer in New York during fashion shoots and help retouch photos. At times when recovering from a skating fall, for months at a time even, he’d take advantage to take more pictures (luckily or maybe strategically he’s never been injured when he needed to compete). He explains that his “style is very open”; he takes pictures because he loves it. His concern isn’t about having someone buy his pictures or having a better picture than the next, because regardless he’ll keep shooting. Click here to see more of Guiri’s photographic work.

Even though his life has moved swiftly he hasn’t forgotten the reasons he’s been able to achieve so much. His family forms the foundation of everything he’s built; especially his dad who was always a big part of his business negotiations. Of course his sister, who he moved to Miami with when she chose to study in the US, has always been very close to him. Growing up they shared everything and still do. His parents might be miles away in Brasil, but never distant. They speak often always keeping up to date and offering advice. The togetherness he shares with his family has roots in India where his parents lived for many years. They treasure their family and support one another in all endeavors.

Guiri is currently working alongside Joel Garcia aka MiamiFilmerGuy, a local skater and film maker. Usually he’s editing, conceptualizing and starring in his own videos, but this time around Guiri takes center stage in the MiamiFilmGuy project. The video is all about Guiri coming back to Miami and just… skating. The video is somewhat of a coming out for the skater as he joins Out of Hand as one of their featured skaters- a premiere of what’s to come for Guiri and the rest of the Out of Hand family.

Guiri met Out of Hand while skating in Miami and was drawn to their skate movement; he describes their joining forces as “natural.” Even Guiri’s dad signed off on the collaboration, because he saw something in Out of Hand that he didn’t see in other companies. He’s been sponsored before where the skater had been a component in a marketing plan, a product with relentless pressure to win. Most companies wanted to exploit his talents for profit and Out of Hand offered a different philosophy, which probably has a lot to do with Out of Hand’s “HipHop & Roll” movement, always focused on positivity.Guiri Reyes: Places to See, Curbs to Grind & Pictures to Take sports  auto portrait 300x200

The movement is about pushing unity without regard to race, age, gender or such. Skating encourages a positive state of mind where there are no problems only solutions and frontiers to conquer. Guiri fits right in since he’s in a league all his own. HipHop & Roll encourages everyone to be who they want to be without being categorized and Out of Hand allows him to be an artist as well as an athlete. The Brasilian is more than just awesome skating.

Not to mention the gear! Guiri was introduced to Out of Hand by way of their skateboards. He chose them because they’re quality boards, he describes how well made they are, highlighting their impeccable finish and makes sure to press the importance of why quality wood makes a different, 100% maple, making it hard to break. While the skater has never broken a board in half (to date) he has damaged some and it seems as his chance may never come with the line he’s chosen.

Guiri has been invited and accepted into the Out of Hand family as the two continue to grow professionally. Their alliance signifies setting wheels in motion for many future projects. They share passions and interests not to mention complimentary skills. With Guiri’s help Out of Hand is growing outside of their national market first bringing their signature boards to Brasil. Today they’re slowly moving into other parts of the Latin American market. On the flip side Out of Hand welcomes a talent heavy skater who they can encourage and nurture with endless possibilities for additonal sponsorships and who knows what more they have in store…

Keep up to date with Guiri’s latest expedition which takes him on a vacation across Barcelona with a chance to hang out with other skaters and see where new opportunities might pop up. He’ll be updating his blog with pictures, videos and anecdotes of his adventure (click here). Try and keep up!


Check out the MiamiFilmerGuy video featuring Guiri Reyes:

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